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Mikhail Lomonosov’s 300th Birthday

Mikhail Lomonosov's 300th Birthday

A new Google doodle was rolled out by Google for the 300th Birthday of Mikhail Lomonosov. He was born on November 19th, 1711. He was a writer and a scientist and a Russian polymath. He has made many contributions to education, literature and science. He is the great scientist who discovered the atmosphere of the planet Venus. Mikhail’s spheres of sciences were physics, chemistry, mineralogy, history, art, philology, natural science, optical devices and many others.He was also a great poet who made the basis for the Literary language of Russia.

Mikhail Lomonosov was born in a village called Denisovka, in an island that is North of Russia. He completed his studies in the University of Marburg, which is one of the universities in Europe in the mid Eighteenth century.He was a physicist who found the wave theory for light, he was also an Astronomer and gave a better design of telescope to the Russian science Academy. He was also a Chemist who recorded the freezing of the metal mercury. Apart from this he was also a geographer, a Mosaicist and a great poet. The Google Doodle celebrated his 300th birthday with a beautiful logo in Google’s homepage on 19th November.