Today's Google Doodle

Google Doodle celebrates Halloween 2011!


Google likes to celebrate Halloween the doodle way. This year Google employees got themselves into Halloween spirit as well as they did something quite interesting. They didn’t show any image or animation or any interactive work. They tried to show a time-lapse video that shows the transformation happening while carving out some pumpkin lying on a haystack on the front lawn of Google headquarters. They didn’t use any ordinary pumpkins for this purpose. Instead, they decided to work on six big giant pumpkins weighing over one thousand pounds delivered to them by Half Moon Bay.

Due to huge size of those pumpkins, there was enough light to have a spooky gathering around that park that evening. A lot of scary sequences were planned by google for those who were planning to attend that party. You could see cleaners arriving with wheelbarrows for scooping up those pulpy pumpkin detritus, Godzilla suit chasing out a woman with a tail, and then suddenly some body on black bicycle came and covered the face of camera. Some people showed up in costume holding a dartboard, standing in front of a light green cylinder and in the end someone in an orange robo-suit and a Santa Claus came.


Google employees spent around eight hours carving out Google text into those pumpkins in the middle of Mountain View, California. These pumpkins were huge and a lot of care was taken while handling them. Google didn’t use any candles since strong wind was blowing, so they cleverly used light-bulbs which were set up in such a way that they will flicker like candles do.

This act of carving Google logo on a pumpkin was meant to convey the similar transformation that happens every year across the world on this day, when people try to make some more creepy things in their house decorations and costumes.