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Edmond Halley’s 355th Birthday

Edmond Halley’s 335th birthday Doodle

Edmond Halley was born in Haggerston, Shoreditch England on November 8, 1656. His birth already made a name for him since there was a confusion on the dates due to the change in the calendar system. His birthdate at first was October 29, 1656. As a young man, he showed interest in a lot of fields like Astronomy Geophysics, Mathematics, Meteorology and Physics. His interest on these fields reflected his discoveries. At a young age, he already published paper works relating to the solar system and sunspots. He explored things including diving just to test his diving bell invention which in turn was the culprit why he suffered middle ear barotrauma.

At 1682, Halley tied the knot with Mary Tooke and had 3 children. From then on, he concentrated on developing his skills and knowledge. At 1691, he saw the opportunity to learn more when he applied for the post of Savilian Professor of Astronomy. Halley’s atheism stole this chance since his application was opposed by the Archbishops. Failures and denials did not stop him from doing what he wanted. At 1705, he published the Synopsis Astronomis Cometicae which revealed his belief of the comet sightings 1456, 1531, 1607,1682 and his prediction that it will come back 1758. Unfortunately, Halley was not able to witness the return of the comet however, it was named after him- Halley’s comet. Another achievement of Halley happened in the year 1698 when he sailed the sea using the Paramour. Here, he took command of the ship as he uncovers a lot of things, investigating the Southern coast. This made history since this is the first ever scientific journey that made use a naval vessel.

Luck is really on Halley’s side. At 1720, his dream was materialized. He became the Astronomer Royal. He had this position for 21 years until he died. Halley was laid to rest on January 14, 1742 at the age of 85. His inventions and discoveries are always being remembered and cherished.  We enjoy the benefits and use them day in and day out. Persons behind every discovery will be valued and their lives will be an inspiration. Google takes pride as it becomes an instrument to communicate Halley’s great works through this google doodle. With this Google Doodle, we pay honor to a man who shared his masterpiece to us.